Leading role for “Al-Ameen” in the examinations

The education sector is one of the sectors that most affected Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic, as many countries of the world were unable to provide the requirements for remote study to the students, so they had to stop education until the virus was contained.

“Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support aims to provide support to students in northern Syria and to encourage them to complete their education and remedy the shortcomings that they have missed, either because of the war or because of the pandemic. This year comes in light of the spread of the Coronavirus in the region, which required providing continuous awareness to students and making every effort to protect them from infection with the virus and ensure that they complete their education in a safe manner.


Exam process in “Afrin”

By the starting of the exam season in “Afrin” region in northwestern Syria, the teams of “Al-Ameen” for Humanitarian Support began to distribute in the examination centers in the region to ensure that everyone followed the preventive measures against infection with the Coronavirus, as the medical teams worked to organize the entry of students to the examination centers and supervise the teams distributed protective supplies to students and teachers, such as masks and sterilizers, before entering the halls, and asked them all to commit to wearing a mask in the exam hall to protect students, teachers and administrators from infection with the virus.

These steps were implemented during the period of the basic education certificate exams, which lasted from the seventh to the tenth of June, and the steps were fully implemented during the period of the secondary certificate exams, which began on the nineteenth of June and ended on the twenty-fourth of the same month.


Effective efforts

The efforts made by “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support have resulted in protecting students and teachers in the region. No injuries were recorded in the examination centers followed by the medical teams in “Afrin” region, and the number of students who took the basic education certificate exam exceeded about 24000, all of whom were able to present their exams in a healthy and safe environment thanks to the efforts of “Al-Ameen” and its local partners.

It is worth noting that “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support works to support 64 schools in northern Syria and to secure educational means and supplies for them to protect children and adolescents and provide them with a safe environment that values ​​and invests their creative abilities and their promising future potentials.




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