Education for All


Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support aims to improve the quality of education by providing safe access to education for children and support teachers/administrative staff alike.

Services include:

  1. Winterization (heaters and fuel) and
  2. Support school rehabilitation
  3. Preparing teachers and students with Education Bags
  4. Supporting teachers with salaries
  5. Expenses school operations
  6. Language learning and technical teaching centers
  7. Provision of scholarships to eligible students; i.e., disabled, orphans, aspiring students

Further, Al-Ameen upholds safety by installing security/safety programs as per international standards. In parallel, Al-Ameen establishes employment skills training centers and focuses on educating teachers and students on emergency/trauma response.

 Finally, Al-Ameen is involved in various child protection activities such as awareness campaigns, back-to-school programs and recreational activities.

With knowledge we fill their lives, with hope we light their paths, and with a beautiful favor we do for them the best we can.




Services provided



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