They lost their homes, embracing them as part of your responsibility

Shelter & Non-food Items

The program focuses mainly on providing life-saving assistance to families who fled from crises zones, in addition to providing assistance and support to cope with the winter season in host communities. Al-Ameen also provides winter clothes, blankets, tents, lamps and sleeping mats, in addition to heating stove and fuel for heating. Al-Ameen establishes camps and distributes winter aid vouchers allowing beneficiaries to choose their needs according to their priority and urgent needs of each family.

In the field of shelter, the program restores homes damaged because of shelling by removing rubble, repairing damaged walls, doors, windows and ceilings, rehabilitating sanitary facilities, electricity, and restoring water tanks, and completing the necessary work to ensure the minimum requirements for the return of IDP’s back home.

Shelter is a vital survival mechanism in times of crisis or displacement, and It is also an essential component of restoring a sense of personal security, self-sufficiency and dignity







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