Shelter and non-food items

Clothes for families in Ersal

As part of its multiple activities to support Syrian refugees in the “Ersal” border area in Lebanon, which is full of camps and Syrian refugees, the teams of “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support distributed clothes to the poorest families in the region. To date, nearly 8000 families have benefited from the distributed clothing, especially children, and the elderly in those families.

The activity of distributing clothes for families in Ersal is considered a periodic activity carried out by “Al-Ameen” teams from time to time in the areas where the Syrian refugees are located in Lebanon, and it is one of the many activities that “Al-Ameen” carries out in Lebanon to support Syrian refugees, such as providing food baskets, mobile clinics, vaccination campaigns and awareness of all kinds, such as Societal, psychological and nutritional.




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