Psychological Support for Orphans

Thousands of children in Yemen live under suffering that prevents them from their minimum rights, the most important of which is living in a safe and comfortable environment that takes care of them and takes care of them, as many of them were exposed during the war to various types of sexual exploitation or exploitation through labor, in addition to their upbringing in the shadow of the war and the displacement and bombing they lived through and terror, pain and interruption of education.

“Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support was and still is of help to those children who face problems in the societies they were forced to flee or migrate to escape a war that lost them their most basic rights, and stripped them of their childhood, which is the right of every child.

On this basis, “Al-Ameen” through the protection and psychological support program, has worked to address these problems and has taken upon itself the development and training of teams that work in direct contact with children in the targeted Yemeni cities





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