About Our Organization

Al-Ameen Story

In August of 2012, Ameen Harsoni’s friend was shot by a Syrian Regime sniper in the streets of Ariha, Edlib. Despite the dangerous context, Ameen courageously and caringly attempted to revive his friend when another sniper shot Ameen through the femoral artery leaving him in critical condition for six hours before passing. With Ameen’s great sacrifice came the birth of Al-Ameen for Global Humanitarian Support (AHS) – the great achievement that was the result of Ameen’s self-less, eternal act. Al-Ameen is derived from Arabic and means “The Trusted One”. AHS promises Ameen – along with AHS’s partners – to be the most transparent and trusted global humanitarian organization.


Our Vision

A world where every individual has access to basic human rights and resources.


Our mission is to ensure the accountable and transparent provision and access of cross-sectoral humanitarian support for every individual within Al-Ameen’s areas of operation (Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Yemen, and Sudan) has access to basic resources and human rights while empowering citizens to take an active role in civic engagement.


Derived from our mission, Al-Ameen aims to execute the following objectives: Conduct needs assessment(s) in affected areas, whilst avoiding duplication. Coordinate with local and international organizations in filling gaps, identifying need and expediting delivery of aid Successfully implement and measure projects across all sectors of interest Focus on neglected areas across areas of operation Build the capacities of local institutions to provide an appropriate understanding of governance Increase awareness of human rights Empower civil societies and advocate for neglected populations Sharing information humanitarian response in Syria, and inspire better coordination between actors