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Wash, Sanitation & Hygiene

The wash, sanitation and hygiene program rehabilitates water and sanitation stations and networks. in addition to supporting the operation of water stations and providing them with the materials and equipment necessary for their work. including generators, pumps, fuel tanks, sterilization materials, salaries and running costs.

Al-Ameen also conducts technical training courses for WASH staff, and holds training workshops to ensure the continuity and quality of projects after they are handed over to local authorities.

We also provide residents with drinkable water by shipping via tankers to areas that are far from water sources or to areas where the water supply network is not functioning.

The program distributes hygiene kits for families in addition to providing personal hygiene feminine kits for women and adolescents in the camps and IDP’s hosting communities. Al-Ameen also manage and treats medical waste in cooperation with local health directorates and hospitals in order to reduce disease transmission and maintaining public health.


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