Refugee health is our responsibility


Al-Ameen has a particular interest in helping children and vulnerable communities and provides healthcare on multiple levels: primary, secondary, tertiary and health rehabilitation. Health facilities and infrastructure is a constant target during crises due to military operations, sieges, hard access, targeting of infrastructure, medical professionals fleeing, medical supplies are hard to deliver, and congestion on available health facilities as a result of increased refugees and IDPs. Al-Ameen’s Health department is strong, with a multitude of projects, as well as a staff composed of doctors and qualified medical professionals globally. Finally, Al-Ameen conducts need assessments to provide optimal aid.

We are actively working to:

Support primary healthcare centers (PHCs), dental clinics, OB/GYN centers and mobile clinics
Provision of aid and delivery of medical equipment
Support dialysis, physical rehabilitation centers, and prosthesis centers
Provision of medical education and training
Create emergency response including field hospitals and mobile clinics in areas with no access to hospitals
Provide first aid training to individuals in areas, in order to increase success of first response

Our goal is to reduce suffering and save lives in humanitarian emergencies while advancing the well-being and dignity of affected peoples







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