Training courses to develop human skills

Training courses play an important and significant role in developing people’s skills, where these courses help in self-development and build self-confidence, in addition to improving the individual’s career level, also it aims to expand the knowledge base of all trainees, teach them some new skills, and develop their old skills too.
Course offered:
“Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support recently held a training course in the field of “computers” (LCD) in partnership with the Department of Women’s Development in “Al-Ghaydah” District – Al-Mahra Governorate.
Course goals:
This course targets 15 trainees, with the aim of providing participants with computer leadership skills, and pushing them into the work.
The course will go on for 21 days, and the trainees will undergo two courses (Windows and word) and part of the hardware maintenance.
Importance of the course for trainees:
“Intisar Awad” director of the Women’s Development Department said that women are in need of such qualification courses, especially school students, university graduates, and teachers.
The director praised the great support provided by Al-Ameen and its adoption of this qualification course for the categories that are unable to deal with modern technologies and provide them with new skills, and they can get job opportunities quickly.
“Al-Ameen” role in its training sector:
The director of Al-Ameen for humanitarian support branch in “Al-mahra”, Dr. Muhammad Al-Nashiri, explained that “Al-Ameen” attaches great importance to the training and rehabilitation sector and will work to develop the capabilities of young people and finance more activities that the community needs, this course is considered as the first training activity supervised by Al-Ameen at the governorate level




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