Supporting orphans in Al-Mahra

The orphan support project in Yemen works to ensure the self-reliance of orphans, protect their dignity and facilitate their effective participation in society, and reduce any form of harm or discrimination against them, and accordingly, “KS Relief” supports this project with strong steps and increasing interest.

Within the activities of this project, supporting orphans in Al-Mahra in Yemen continues, as health care services are provided, a financial sponsorship, a bag of clothing and psychological support services are distributed, and the follow-up of education in schools is facilitated for orphaned children. During last March, a cash sponsorship for the month of March was distributed to nearly 300 orphan children, either by handing it at the association’s headquarters, or through field representatives who deliver sponsorship to families residing in remote and difficult-to-reach places.

About 300 children were also examined at the center, which was contracted for this purpose, and the necessary examinations were conducted and medicines were dispensed. About 15 children were examined daily, with follow-up of cases of children who had chronic diseases, and referring them to specialized doctors according to the case, as well psychological support activities were implemented targeting all orphaned children, where a psychological support team was present, with the choice of a suitable place, targeted mental and movement activities, motivational competitions, and the distribution of symbolic gifts for children.

Within the project of supporting orphans in Al-Mahra, a bag of clothes was distributed to 300 orphans, and this was done by contracting with a commercial contractor who fully provided the measurements for all children, and field representatives visited remote areas in this regard to take the sizes first, then to distribute clothes secondly, which required effort exceptionally done by the project team.





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