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Reviving Hazza’s smile after her absence for a period of time

In the Bani Hamad region of the Hujariyah area in Taiz governorate, Mr. Hazaa, a 47-year-old carpenter, resides with his seven children. Hazaa’s life revolves around his carpentry work, a skill inherited from his father and grandfather. Describing his life, Hazaa says, “My entire life is connected to my work in carpentry, a profession passed down from my father and his ancestors. It has been my source of livelihood for many years, supporting my wife and seven children.”

Many believe that chronic illnesses can be challenging to adapt to, but they can become fatal without sufficient medical care, this was the case for Hizaa, whose life took a complete turn, Hazaa shares, “I diagnosed with diabetes in my thirties, however, I resisted significantly because I had a family depending on me, I resisted for fifteen years until sudden complications led to swelling in my foot, I tried to expedite its treatment, but the crumbling healthcare system, due to the crisis, forced doctors to amputate my leg”

Hazaa accepted his fate, becoming confined to his home, his children, the eldest being twenty years old, took on the responsibility for the family. Hazaa, regretful of his situation, says, “In an unknown area to me, with no knowledge of something called prosthetics, news came from some friends about a center for prosthetics affiliated to Saudi Arabia, providing services for free, I could potentially get a prosthetic limb and walk again, maybe even work.”

Upon reaching the center, Hazaa found it indeed affiliated with Saudi Arabia,” King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aids”. After examinations, file opening, and measurements, he returned home and was later called for prosthetic training. Hazaa remarks, “I went back to see the prosthetic; I couldn’t imagine its shape before, but it was exceptionally distinctive, It made me break my stiffness and put in more effort to walk, at the beginning I took a heavy steps for my age, but I was walking. Now, with effort and practice, I can work. Thanks to the outstanding services of the Prosthetics and Rehabilitation Center in Taiz, I’m happy with where I am now.”

Today, Hazaa bids farewell to the center, expressing gratitude to the dedicated team for successfully bringing back his smile after a difficult chapter in his life.

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