Humanitarian Stories

Mona Hussein Salim – A Story of Challenge and Transformation with Hope.

In one corner of Aden city, the story of Mona Hussein Mohammed Salim unfolds—a young student in her third grade. Mona lives with her family, consisting of her parents and three siblings, Her father spends time in military service in Al-Mukha, alternating between a month with his family and a month on military duties.
Mona has been facing a congenital issue with her lower limbs since childhood, rendering her unable to stand and walk. This condition led to her discontinuing her education, causing considerable hardship, her life took a turn when the family serendipitously discovered the Prosthetics and Rehabilitation Center in Aden, Yemen.
The family considered this center a stroke of good fortune for their daughter, upon visiting the center, Mona was warmly welcomed, initiating her journey toward improvement and change. A comprehensive treatment plan was devised, encompassing physical therapy sessions and training on prosthetic limbs. Over time, Mona began to regain her ability to stand and walk comfortably, with the impact of the center becoming evident in her life.
Through continuous training and medical care, hope was restored, allowing Mona to live a normal life, Mona expressed deep gratitude, stating that the center was like a light at the end of the tunnel—a lifeline that never fades.

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