Prosthetics and rehabilitation war victims

Prosthetics are considered one of the best solutions that have helped many people to live life almost normally without the need for the help of others, “Alameen” encourages to rehabilitate war victims and encourage them and those with disabilities to integrate into society and contribute to its construction.

the technical and medical teams in the prosthetics and rehabilitation center in “Saioun” in Yemen provide free health services and psychological support for thousands of Yemeni beneficiaries with low incomes whose financial conditions prevented them from obtaining appropriate treatment and returning to a normal life.

In this center, the necessary measurements are taken to install prosthetics for an amputee patient and to be trained on its use.

Thus representing their access to prosthetic limbs supporting the beginning of the path back to normal life, the exercise of their activities, and the realization of themselves.




civil society mover

The vaccination campaign against Coronavirus is still ongoing in the city of “Afrin” and its surrounding areas, and the medical teams of “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support are keen to ensure that all targeted groups receive vaccination, so each team is accompanied by a “civil society mover” which working to spread awareness among families about the necessity of getting the vaccine, and encouraging individuals who are hesitant to take the vaccine to receive it.

Where the societal engine works to refute the myths and misconceptions spread in society, which prevent some from accepting the vaccine and make them afraid of it or reject it, by explaining to them how the vaccine works, and how taking it can lead to the individual and society gaining immunity against the virus, and thus to limit the spread of the disease, and for everyone to return to their activities in life freely.


physical therapy in Maareb city

Continuous giving and efforts have made by “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support in providing physical therapy to the largest number of residents and displaced people in the city of “Maareb” in Yemen, where patients are trained in the center to use therapeutic exercises, to give them a wider range of movement, and increase strength and flexibility.

Educating patients about their health status is critical for the center to achieve better physiotherapy outcomes. It is worth noting that the center works to provide its treatment services free of charge throughout the week, with the aim of removing the obstacle of high treatment costs for patients who suffer mainly from physical pain and low financial conditions at the same time.



Continuity-of the-COVID-19-campaign

Continuity of the COVID-19 campaign

Today, the teams of “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support will complete the vaccination campaign against Coronavirus in and around “Afrin” region. The campaign was launched last Saturday, after an intensive training course was held for medical staff entrusted with giving the vaccine, with priority given to the groups most vulnerable to infection with the virus and its complications, such as the elderly, people with chronic diseases and medical staff, and two “community movers” were trained to accompany each team of the medical teams, and the function of the societal motivator is summarized in educating the people about the necessity of receiving the vaccine and not believing the myths and rumors that deter them from receiving treatment. The campaign continues throughout this week and the next, in an effort to deliver the vaccine to the largest possible number of beneficiaries


The project of empower orphans

The project of empower orphans and Yemenis and strengthen their resilience takes the hand of more than a thousand Yemeni children, believing in the right of every child to access education and health care, by providing school supplies and medical treatment services free of charge, in addition to providing monthly cash guarantees and psychological and moral support.

In this regard, the protection and psychological support team working in the project within “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support is conducting psychological support activities for orphaned children, which include competitions, games, and health and community awareness sessions. The project works to provide a decent life for orphans, who are among the groups most affected by the war.


The-health-center in-the-town-of-Ain-al-Bayda

The health center in the town of “Ain al-Bayda”

The health center in the town of “Ain al-Bayda” works to provide services to both residents and the displaced, despite the population density in the area.

The center contains various clinics such as general and gynecological clinics, in addition to a pharmacy that works in parallel with the clinics to provide free health care to the patients, protect them from diseases and alleviate as much as possible the living difficulties experienced in the region.




Supporting-the physically-disabled-in-Saioun

Supporting the physically disabled in Saioun

“Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support continues to Supporting the physically disabled people in Yemen, alleviating their suffering amid the difficult living conditions imposed by the war and directly affecting the most vulnerable families and people with mobility disabilities, this wat which the United Nations considered it the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Where a medical and technical team was formed from the prosthetics and rehabilitation center in “Saioun” in addition to carrying out field trips to villages and sprawling and remote districts in the valley, desert and plateau of “Hadramout” governorate in Yemen. Our team consisting of an orthopedic specialist, an expert in prosthetics and orthotics, and a physiotherapist, went to “Sah” district hospital, which is about 50 kilometers from the city of Saioun.

These activities aim at examining and evaluating cases of the physically disabled and providing a wide range of services and support to those who suffer from movement disabilities or who have lost their limbs, and to install orthodontic supports that enable them to move, reintegrate and empower them to be productive

individuals and contribute to building society, in addition to detecting cases that need to physical therapy.

This campaign also aims to relieve the disabled and their families from the trouble of going to distant health centers and hospitals, and field visits are one of the most important medical, technical and humanitarian support activities carried out by Al-Ameen in Yemen.



Continuity-of-the COVID-19-campaign

Continuity of the COVID-19 campaign

After its press conference which held in “Afrin”, “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support continues the vaccination campaign against Coronavirus “Covid-19”, within the health centers in the city of Afrin, where the campaign is scheduled for 21 days

This campaign will conduct the vaccination to those who are in need in the face of the virus pandemic, from those on the first front line to combat it like health workers, doctors, and humanitarian workers, or those living in the region with chronic diseases that affect their immunity.

It is worth noting that the volume of work in the campaign will be divided into 8 teams that will tour the entire region, to give vaccination to the target groups, and provide community awareness to the people about the importance of taking the vaccination and to clarify the circumstances and misconceptions about it through community motivators who are with the vaccination teams.



COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Afrin

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign in “Afrin”

“Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support launched today the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in “Afrin” region in northern Syria. The campaign will target health workers in public and private facilities in the region, workers in humanitarian organizations, and those with chronic diseases, as they have weak immunity that makes them more vulnerable for infection and its complications. The 8 medical teams will roam in Afrin region for a period of 21 days to provide vaccinations to the target groups.

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign was launched with a press conference attended by representatives from the early warning and epidemic response network, in addition to the Syria vaccine team, Afrin health directorate, and “Al-Ameen” organization teams, and specialized vaccination teams, media professionals and a number of people from the region attended.

At the conference, the action plan that the campaign will follow during the next 21 days were explained, and the attendees were acquainted with the importance of vaccination and the areas that the medical teams will visit, and the mechanism for the continuation of these campaigns and limiting the spread of the virus, and questions from the media about the campaign and vaccination were answered.

The conference concluded with applying vaccination on members of “Al-Ameen” supervising the campaign, members of the technical teams, the supervisor of the vaccine campaign, and a number of doctors.