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Afrin National Hospital wich supported by Al-Ameen Humanitarian Support

Through unwavering dedication and continuous effort, the healthcare professionals at Afrin National Hospital in Northern Syria, supported by Al-Ameen Humanitarian Support Organization, tirelessly serve their community. The hospital operates as a comprehensive healthcare system, providing a complete range of essential healthcare services, from health promotion to prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

The hospital includes well-equipped main operating rooms for all surgical interventions and procedures. Additionally, it features intensive care units, neonatal care units, and radiology services, along with comprehensive clinical support.

Furthermore, the hospital houses an outpatient clinic department, equipped with consultation rooms where patients can receive medical, surgical, or specialized consultations. Medications are provided free of charge at the hospital’s pharmacy.

The hospital is committed to delivering healthcare services according to the highest standards to ensure the quality of care and the safety of patients and visitors.

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