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Huzzam Dawood… A story full of hope and humanity

In the midst of conflict and hardship in his hometown of Raymah, Yemen, Huzzam Dawood found refuge in Marib after the outbreak of war. Unfortunately, he was not spared the consequences of the violence. Huzzam got a gunshot wound that resulted in fractures to his joints and pelvis, causing nerve damage and leaving him immobile. He was rushed to the hospital and later transferred to Egypt for several surgeries.

Upon returning to Yemen, Huzzam still couldn’t walk. His journey towards recovery led him to seek physical therapy and rehabilitation. That’s when he knew about King Salman Center for Prosthetics & Rehabilitation, a place that offered him hope again.

Determined to regain his ability to walk, Dawood embarked on a new chapter of his healing journey at the center. The treatment plan was carefully explained, and he began sessions of physical therapy, exercises, and the use of specialized equipment, including prosthetic devices, for three days a week.

As Huzzam reflects on his progress, he says, ‘Here I am, in the third week, feeling so much improvement. I couldn’t even move on a wheelchair or perform my prayers, and now I can move around and even come to the center on my own. All of this is by the grace of Allah, and the services provided by King Salman Center for Humanitarian Aid and Relief, which offers the services entirely free. May Allah bless them for their generosity and kindness.

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