Training course entitled “Nursing Care for COVID_19 19 Patients” in Afrin

Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support held a training course entitled “Nursing Care for COVID_19 19 Patients” in Afrin Syria. 

The course focused on several points, (nursing care, oxygen titration for cases in need, in addition to the clinical algorithm for COVID19 patients, and the prevention by reducing socialize and preserving social distance. This series of awareness-raising training is provided by Al-Ameen Association to its staff in Syria Yemen Lebanon Sudan and Turkey,

in accordance with the Al-ameen vision of empowering, capacity building, and having the experience for the staff 





The Jinderes mobile clinic tours

It’s another day of relentless work by the mobile clinic team in the town of Jinderes, as the team roamed around the nearby refugee camps, and also visited a school in Al_Daghm town, to ensure all the medical needs of the residents are met. Moreover, the team is carrying out comprehensive awareness campaigns on the hazards of Covid-19 disease, reminding the families of the most important safety rules to reduce the risks of Covid-19.






Educate children about the importance of social distancing

Social distancing is one of the main factors in avoiding infection with Covid-19 during the state of uncertainty that is surrounding the facts on the pandemic, and in order to protect the community members, especially children, it’s very important to explain the significance of keeping the social distance (1.8) in simplified terms, and to clarify the nature of viruses which can be transferred through the air and live on surfaces such as the door holds and phones. Moreover, we need to emphasize the importance of washing hands and covering mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing.