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Safety…after years of fatigue and suffering 

He worked diligently and dedicatedly in difficult and stressful conditions, he used to do his work in high temperatures, and despite this, he was paid just a little. 

 Khaled Ali Ahmed, 80 years old, spent his life as a janitor in Aden, his health was severely affected by these harsh conditions, which he spent in hard work, Khaled had kidney failure, and had to undergo continuous dialysis sessions, but due to his financial situation, he was unable to cover the transportation costs to one of the dialysis centers in Aden. In addition, he was unable to reach the hospital due to the great crowding and waiting lines since the large number of similar medical cases. 

Because of these difficult circumstances, Khaled was forced to move from Aden to Al-Mahra, when he knew about the free dialysis center in Al-Ghaydah, which is supported by King Salman for Relief and Humanitarian Aid center. Khaled began to undergo scheduled dialysis sessions, he witnessed a remarkable improvement in his health condition, and by continuing to receive treatment, Khaled feels proud and satisfied that he is receiving the medical care he needed at the center, and today he is looking forward to regaining his health and wellness Soon, also he hopes that he will continue to feel better and return to a more active and happier life. 

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