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Al-Ameen supports medical facilities in Afrin. 

As part of Al-Ameen’s constant pursuit to cover the needs of health sector in Afrin, especially after the earthquake that struck north-western Syria last February, Al-Ameen provided qualitative support by delivering a shipment of medical supplies to one of the prominent health facilities in the region, where special dialysis kits were delivered to the National Hospital in Afrin. These kits include basic materials such as sodium bicarbonate, concentrated acid, dialysis tools and filters, in addition to the medicines needed for dialysis patients, such as heparin, and erythropoietin. This aims to meet the needs of 380 patients with scheduled sessions in the hospital. 

This is part of the efforts made by Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support for health sector in the region, in order to to enhance the capabilities of hospitals and medical facilities to provide the necessary services. Dialysis kits and medicines will be provided continuously for a period of three continuous months, where Al-Ameen seeks to provide the necessary capabilities to ensure the continuity of medical care for patients with renal failure. 

Al-Ameen’s role in supporting the health sector in the region reflects its commitment to improving the health situation and providing the necessary care to the local communities, as the medical supplies provided are considered as essential part of the health care system for patients and an essential need for many health facilities and centers in Afrin. 

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