Radiation Therapy Device Arrives at Afrin Hospital: Significant Progress in Cancer Patient Care
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Radiation Therapy Device Arrives at Afrin Hospital: Significant Progress in Cancer Patient Care

In the realm of healthcare, radiation therapy is considered one of the effective methods for combating various types of cancer. More than half of cancer patients rely on it as a fundamental part of their treatment, since it can also be used to treat both malignant and benign tumors.

The practical steps of using radiation therapy in cancer treatment show that it can be employed at different times and for various reasons throughout the treatment journey. It may serve as the primary treatment option for the patient or be used before (preparatory treatment) or after surgery (adjuvant treatment) to reduce tumor size or prevent the growth of remaining cancer cells. It can also be coordinated with other treatments such as chemotherapy.

As for the new device that will be introduced to Afrin Hospital, it represents a groundbreaking step and a healthcare advancement in providing care for cancer patients in liberated areas. This device will offer patients the opportunity to receive radiation therapy within Syria, eliminating the need for lengthy waits and travel to Turkey. The device will focus radiation beams on areas containing tumors, whether benign or malignant, with the goal of removing and treating them.

Regarding the device’s cost, it exceeds 3 million euros, and it will be placed in Afrin Hospital which is supported by AL-Ameen for Humanitarian support. It will be fixed in a separate building and initially operated by foreign specialists from the manufacturing company, with Syrian staff being trained to operate it in the future.

This initiative steps is part of ongoing efforts to alleviate the crisis of cancer patients seeking treatment in Turkey. The ultimate goal is to provide comprehensive treatment within Syria, sparing patients the burden of travel. The need for chemotherapy doses and collaboration with international organizations and supporting governments will continue to be essential in achieving this noble humanitarian goal.

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