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Medical care system in northern Syria

Al-Amin Mobile Clinics in Northern Syria, supported by King Salman for Relief and Humanitarian support Centre, are working to provide the necessary medical services to the affected, most vulnerable in need groups in the areas affected by the earthquake. The clinics work in the areas of Idleb and Aleppo, including Afrin and Al-Bab, where the need for medical services is urgent, clinics are concerned with providing emergency medical care where it work to provide urgent medical care to the wounded and injured, whether they are victims of earthquakes or other accidents.

Emergency medical services include first aid and rapid management of critical cases. In addition to women and children health care services, including women’s care, medical care for children and vaccinations, and this aims to improve the health of mothers and children and provide them an integrated care. The clinics also provide mental health services, likewise, it provides psychological support and counselling services to people who suffer from psychological issues due to crises and difficulties which they face. Counselling and psychological support are provided to patients and families to help them deal with psychological challenges and to promote their mental health.

Community health teams also available within the clinics and they are also working on the awareness campaign of health educationand prevention. The efforts of the clinics include many awareness and education campaigns, which target the local population. The clinics also distribute preventive hygiene products such as soaps and sterilisers, in addition to advices and guidances for personal hygiene, communicable and chronic diseases.

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