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Community health workers training project in Sharan district

The community health project in “Ghuson Alzaytoon” area and “Sharan camps” aims to qualify and train community health workers in order to enable them to provide effective health awareness sessions. The project mainly focuses on providing community health workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully implement health awareness sessions.
During the implementation of the project, community health workers receive intensive training covering the basics of creating awareness sessions and explaining the steps necessary to achieve the success of these sessions. Comprehensive information is provided about the importance of this goal within the community health project, and how to achieve a positive and effective impact through awareness sessions, in addition to that community health workers are provided with scenarios that simulate some of the conditions and challenges they may face while implementing the awareness sessions.
They are required to analyse these scenarios and develop appropriate solutions to deal with it. Potential difficulties and obstacles that they may encounter in their daily work are highlighted, and they are provided with the necessary skills and strategies to overcome these challenges.
These awareness sessions aim to enhance health awareness among individuals and provide the necessary information to make informed health decisions. The topics covered in the health awareness sessions include a variety of health issues such as personal hygiene, proper nutrition, and disease prevention.

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