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A new ray of hope at Al-Ameen Physiotherapy Center in Arsal

“Idris Abdul Karim Matar”, 70 years old, displaced from the Syrian town-Al-Qusayr. Idris says, “The life of displacement was not easy. I suffered a lot during the journey of displacement until we arrived to the Lebanese town-Arsal with my family.
Mr. “Idris Abdul Karim Matar” suffered a stroke after he reached Arsal that left him with a paralysis on the left side of the body, this is due to his exposure to overwhelming psychological pressures.
Mr. “Idris Abdel Karim Matar” lives with his family in a small, modest house that can barely accommodate his family. He was transferred to a hospital after suffering a stroke, he stayed in the hospital for about a week, during which he took all his medications prescribed by the doctor, and recommended that he should start doing physical sessions to restore movement, and the independence in walking. The doctor informed him of free physiotherapy center existence affiliated by the International Wars and Disasters Victims’ Protection Association “Al-Ameen”, because of his difficult living situation and his inability to cover the treatment expenses that burdened his shoulders, he went to Al-Ameen Center for Physiotherapy, hoping that this center would be A new door of life for him.
Doctor Adnan Al-Hujairi, director of Al-Ameen Center for Physical Therapy, says after Idris was received at the center, “the patient visited us for the first time about a year and a half ago, and he was unable to move, especially the left side. A treatment plan was determined for Uncle Idris’s condition through several sessions and periodic exercises. Follow-up was then allocated to the physical therapist, “Muhammad Kaddour,” who began to prepare Uncle Idris and explain to him how to do the required exercises.
The physiotherapist, “Muhammad Kaddour”, who was entrusted with the task of following up the physical sessions of Idris Matar, says: We developed a long-term treatment plan, in the first sessions we started with exercises to move the lower and upper limbs with electrical stimulation of the muscles in order to strengthen them, in addition to sitting exercises, at a rate of three weekly sessions ranging from one to two hours. After the first month had passed since the sessions began, we noticed visible signs of his improvement, he began to move his limbs, but in a difficult and tiring manner. After that, we started a new treatment phase where we intensified the sessions. We moved on to strengthening the muscles of the upper and lower extremities, to reach the stage of standing on his own without the help of anyone, only with the help of his hands and the crutch. Uncle Idris suffered a lot at this stage, but when he felt better, he was patient. Despite his pain and fatigue, the beginning of his steps was slow accompanied by pain after a month and a half of treatment, after which we moved to the stage of body balance so that he could walk without anyone’s help and even without using crutches, this stage lasted for about 6 months, after the passage of this difficult period for the patient, we reached a good and noticeable result in his condition and his balance became good, so we moved to a new stage of sessions at a rate of two sessions per week, we started training him on independence in movement, eating, drinking, walking on his own, and going up and down stairs,
Here, Uncle Idris Abdul Karim Matar who felt a clear improvement and satisfaction after this long period of treatment, told us of his great gratitude to the center and the free assistance and services it provides to the Syrian refugees and the host community with a satisfied soul and patience so that the patient can reach a full recovery. Thank you to all who gives tirelessly, and makes every effort to help others wherever they are.

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