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Al-Ameen Health Center in Jenedres.

24 hours a day, Al-Ameen Health Center in Jenedres sub-district continues to provide primary health care services such as: first aid, emergency and medical referral services to all beneficiaries in this area or nearby villages, especially the earthquake-affected and vulnerable families who are in temporary shelters within Jenedres sub-district. This centre services include various clinics, also it provides ambulance and pharmacy services through which medicines are dispensed free of charge following the medical diagnosis by specialist doctors working in the centre. So far, our health centre in Jenedres has provided more than 5,400 medical services since the beginning of March, distributed to more than 2,700 beneficiaries from this centre.

However, Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support trying the best to cover Afrin region and Jenedres district by providing medical services, whether through primary health care centres, or through mobile clinics that are spread throughout temporary shelters and camps in the region.

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