The Susyan health center

The “Susyan” health center

The “Susyan” health center located in the “Susyan” district north of the city of “Al-Bab” is one of the vital centers that fulfill the needs of the beneficiaries there. During the month of July 1884 beneficiaries benefited from the center’s services. while the number of free medical services provided reached 2,424 during the past month.
This center refers to more than 11 villages surrounding the “Susyan” district, such as the villages of “Hazwan- Al-Numan – Al-Dana” and other villages as well, with a total of population around 50 thousand people.
The center works to provide first aid services and a general clinic, in addition to a women’s clinic service, with a referral service that benefits patients, who are referred to “Al-Bab” central hospital.



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