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The Operational Alliance ( Syrian Civil Defense & Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support ) launches the Hearing Rehabilitation and Cochlear Implant Program.

The Operational Alliance between the Syrian Civil Defense and Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support, in collaboration and coordination with Idlib Health Directorate, announces the commencement of the first phase of the Hearing Rehabilitation and Cochlear Implant Program. The program aims to provide quality medical services, contribute to alleviating the challenges faced by individuals with special needs that are not readily available or accessible in northwest Syria, and support the rights of persons with disabilities to equal opportunities.
The initial phase targets 40 beneficiaries, with cases identified through screening centers, subsequently, diagnostic hearing tests will be conducted, leading to interventions at the Hearing Rehabilitation and Cochlear Implant Center for the installation of hearing devices or cochlear implant surgeries.
Priority will be given to cases of cochlear implantation that meet the criteria, especially for younger children, based on names provided by Idlib Health Directorate as the registration does not guarantee eligibility due to the significant number of cases with special needs exceeding the capacity to address them fully.

The announcement follows the establishment of a special alliance between Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support and the Syrian Civil Defense (The White Helmets) on December 7th, which aims to support community resilience and improve medical services in Syria, also it seeks to coordinate efforts and collaborate to contribute enhancing the humanitarian response and achieving a better response through the implementation of joint projects, which will include the construction and equipping of an advanced diagnostic and radiation therapy center for tumors, the establishment and operation of multiple health facilities, operational and managerial support for struggling health facilities, including hospitals, primary healthcare centers, emergency centers, dialysis centers, and physical therapy and prosthetic centers. These facilities will be activated through the alliance, reflecting the commitment to meeting critical healthcare needs, improving access to medical services, and coordinating and collaborating on quality joint projects in various vital sectors.

This alliance, scheduled until the end of 2024, represents a joint opportunity for both organizations to strengthen collaboration, elevate the comprehensive quality of services and medical projects, and make a lasting impact on the communities served, as it aims to support the resilience and stability of war and disaster-affected communities, alleviate financial burdens on patients, and empower residents to focus on rebuilding their lives and communities.

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