The needs of the displaced people

The needs of the displaced people

The needs of the displaced people in Syria are increasing due to the continuing economic crises and wars in the country, where most of the displaced live in emergency camps suffering from poverty and lacking the minimum necessary humanitarian needs, such as providing adequate shelter and food, water and environmental sanitation services.
Most of these camps also suffer from the spread of malnutrition, which kills children under the age of five, and the negative effects on the health of lactating and pregnant women.
As a part of the integrated response project in the health and nutrition component, “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support implemented primary health care services in Azraq camp through mobile medical clinics consisting of doctors and qualified paramedical staff, to provide medical services in the camp located in the Al-Bab area in northern Syria, Where the mobile medical team conducted a medical examination and provided therapeutic and preventive feeding services, immunization, reproductive health, and child health, in addition to counseling services in mother and child nutrition.


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