Statement on the Formation of an Operational Alliance between Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support and the White Helmets

Building on the shared vision by the Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support and the White Helmets to bolster community resilience and enhance medical services in Syria, both organizations have announced the establishment of a collaborative operational alliance to actualize this vision.

The alliance aims to coordinate efforts and promote collaboration to contribute to enhancing humanitarian response and achieving a more effective outcome through the implementation of joint projects. The initial phase of this alliance involves constructing and equipping a center for advanced radiation therapy and tumor diagnosis. It also includes establishing and operating multiple healthcare facilities, providing operational support and management for struggling healthcare establishments, such as hospitals, primary healthcare centers, ambulance centers, kidney dialysis facilities, physical therapy centers, and prosthetic limb facilities. These endeavors will be activated through the alliance in our shared commitment to addressing critical healthcare needs and improving access to medical services. The alliance will also coordinate and collaborate to execute specific joint projects across various essential sectors.

The operational alliance, scheduled to last until the conclusion of 2024, provides a shared opportunity for both institutions to bolster collaboration, enhance the overall quality of medical services and projects, and establish a lasting impact on the communities we serve. It strives to promote a healthier future and contribute to the resilience and stability of communities affected by war and disasters, and endeavors to alleviate financial burdens on patients, empowering residents to concentrate on rebuilding their lives and communities.

Through this alliance, Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support and the White Helmets aspire to establish a distinguished model of cooperation and coordination to ensure the population’s rights in obtaining comprehensive healthcare. This step is considered a vital move towards enhancing the sustainable infrastructure of the medical sector, contributing to community health, and improving the quality of individuals’ lives.

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