Sherine Hajj Youssef
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Sherine Hajj Youssef

Sherine Haj Youssef is a community health worker at Al Janoudia Health Center.
Sherine told us about her work with us and her beginnings as a humanitarian worker. She told us about her relationship with the beneficiaries and her love for her work itself, and putting all her effort and time into performing her work with full passion and honesty.
Sherine says:
We are proud that we are humanitarian workers, as we contribute to providing services, needs and health care to the affected people; despite the circumstances and difficulties we face, we are still working continuously to create a better healthy environment for people.
I have a duty towards all people, and our presence in humanitarian work is important to assist people, alleviate their suffering, spread happiness and joy in their hearts, and draw a smile on their faces.
I feel proud to give my best to others who each carry hopes, dreams and aspirations like any other human living in this world.
Each of us has a responsibility towards his work, and we should not allow anything to discourage us and our desire to help the beneficiaries and the affected because we work for our humanity for others and cooperate in goodness and righteousness. The love of good for people is the supreme goal of our existence in this world.
Not only are you happy, but you must also be honourable, helpful and compassionate, have an impact on those around you, and bring hope and faith to those who have been deprived of the happiness of life.
Be the reason someone smiles, be the reason someone feels loved, and believes in the good in people.
I am fortunate to have been allowed to work in the humanitarian field, provide assistance to these communities, and see the smiles on the faces of the beneficiaries despite their difficult conditions.

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