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Raju Primary Health Care Center

Adnan Malla Ali, who suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure, is one of the beneficiaries of our services at the Primary Healthcare Center in Raju, northern Aleppo countryside. The center is supported by Alameen for Humanitarian Support and Assistance. After Adnan started experiencing symptoms such as burning sensation during urination and pain in the right flank, he decided to visit Raju Health Center as usual.

During the clinical examination conducted by Dr. Salim Swayss, pain in the flank and wheezing in the lungs were observed, along with an elevated blood pressure reading of 158/83. Further investigations, including urine analysis and sediment examination, were performed.

Based on the clinical examination and investigations, the diagnosis of prostatitis with urinary tract infection, along with elevated arterial tension, was made. The appropriate treatment plan for Adnan was devised, which included prescribing Valsartan 80/5 and Tamsulosin 0.4 to manage the high blood pressure and arterial tension. Additionally, Baktrim 500 was prescribed to combat the urinary tract infection, and acetaminophen was recommended for pain relief.

Adnan Malla Ali benefited from the services of Raju Health Center, where he received the necessary treatment for his condition. His health condition improved significantly thanks to the comprehensive care provided by the qualified and trained medical staff at the center.

With the dedicated and professional care provided by the medical team, Adnan’s bothersome symptoms were alleviated, and his health condition improved. The story of Adnan Malla Ali is just one reflection of the impact of Raju Health Center and the support of Alameen for Humanitarian Support and Assistance in improving the health outcomes of beneficiaries. This is a constant objective pursued by Alameen in northern Syria.

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