Polio vaccination campaign

The danger of polio is that it can spread quickly among infected children, and this disease affects children under five years of age, and can cause them paralysis within a few hours without any prior symptoms, so the affected child cannot move his limbs or breathe, which endangers his life for real danger.

Medicine has not yet discovered a cure for this disease, and all that the currently available treatments do is to alleviate the symptoms of the disease, and here lies the importance of the polio vaccine in protecting children and providing them with the necessary immunity provided by antiparticles, as the vaccine is the only way to avoid polio at the same time. the present.

The polio vaccine should be given to infants and to all children in general, because the group is more susceptible to polio, and it can be given by injection or oral vaccination.


Comprehensive vaccination program

Polio vaccination campaign is part of the program of “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support for vaccination in northern Syria, specifically in “Afrin” region and the surrounding areas, which aims to provide health support to the people in northern Syria, protect them from diseases and epidemics, and help them advance society after many years of war, forced displacement, and suffering in securing the basic necessities of life.


training and implementation

To accomplish this program, “Al-Ameen” worked on holding a training course for 400 health workers, in which they were trained to give vaccinations to children, and the training continued on June 19 and 20, to launch the campaign on the following day, June 21, to give the polio vaccine to beneficiaries in 8 centers distributed in “Afrin” and nearby areas, the campaign targets children from one day old to 5 years old. The campaign continued until June 26, providing the vaccine to the largest possible number of children, protecting them from this dangerous disease, and ensuring their growth in a healthy and healthy society free of epidemics.



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