NOTICE INVITING TENDER FOR Lab Consumables for Zardana and Janodiya PHCs

NOTICE INVITING TENDER FOR Lab Consumables for Zardana and Janodiya PHCs

Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support announces interest in inviting bidders for providing Lab Consumables for Zardana and Janodiya PHCs to in Idlib Zardana and Janodiya PHCs.


PR/ID95H23/World Vision2.1/GZT/PRO-HE/4-7-2023/3

 Interested Bidders may send a request in a sealed envelope with the company’s official papers to one of the Alameen’s offices in (Syria / Afrin Office) during official working hours: from 9:00 o’clock until 14:30 o’clock.

Starting date: 04-Jul-2023 until 5-Aug-2023


  • Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support does not bear any financial cost caused by submitting the price offer unless your company has been selected from among the competing companies in this offer.
  • Providers shall abide by the following:
    • Attach the Quotation in a sealed envelope signed by the supplier and the amount should be in USD(s).
    • Provider ID copy.
    • Attach the official license and legal papers to the bidder, if available.
    • Sign and stamp of declaration of non-conflict of interest (attached within the link) and write the name of the bidder not the name of the company.

You can download the list of quantities, the declaration of non-conflict of interest, and the quotation form by clicking on the following links:

For information about the Bidders Instructions

For information about the  Lab consumables

For information about the Non-Conflict of Interest

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