قصة منصور بين الأمل والشفاء
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Mansour’s story: Hope and Healing

Mansour was a child like any other child, playing and going to school in the fourth grade at the age of 12. He lived a normal life like any child his age. However, on a fateful day two years ago, during moments of play, a disaster struck. Mansour stepped on a landmine. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, but things did not go well. His injuries were severe, and he remained in the intensive care unit for 20 days, fighting between life and death. When the news reached his father, he was shocked. How could he deal with his son’s tragic condition, especially amid the harsh circumstances the country was going through? His father felt helpless and in pain, unable even to help his son due to the difficult financial situation he was facing, as he had become unemployed.

Mansour suffered for a year, struggling to use crutches after his foot was amputated, and his life completely changed. He stopped going to school and became confined to bed, unable to play with other children. His father looked at him with sadness, wishing his son could regain his normal life. But suddenly, things changed. Amid the difficult circumstances, Mansour’s father reached out to a prosthetic limb center funded by the International Association for Protection of Wars and Disasters Victims. With their significant support, Mansour and his father traveled to Taiz, where treatment and expenses were provided. Measurements were taken, and a prosthetic limb was designed for Mansour. He began training with it, and with each passing day, he improved, and the smile returned to his face. His father’s condition also improved.

Mansour continued training until he could walk again. The child Mansour brought life back to his family, restoring hope and ambition in their hearts. His father said: “I thank the medical staff who brought smiles back to my family, and I hope their support continues for all war victims.”

Mansour now looks forward to the future with confidence, planning to continue his education and fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor to help others, reclaiming his life with determination and perseverance.

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