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Field visits of the Al-Ameen Humanitarian Support team

Al-Ameen continues its field visits in the Aleppo countryside for the fifth month.
The field visits of Al Ameen’s team within the Aleppo Health Network project continue for the fifth month in a row as the network team continues to conduct checklists and follow up on the workflow in health facilities within the protocols of the World Health Organization.
Checklists are conducted for infection control, reproductive health, early detection of breast and cervical cancer, rationalization of consumption of antibiotics, as well as the administration of pharmacies and warehouses.
Also, a beneficiary satisfaction questionnaire is conducted with the health center auditors to ensure the beneficiary’s satisfaction with the services provided and the health care.
A Health information system is also implemented to manage the patient’s health file in all 43 network centers in the western countryside of Aleppo.

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