continuity of care in the northern Aleppo

continuity of care in the northern Aleppo

To improve access to primary health care and ensure continuity of care in the northern Aleppo area, and provide the necessary health service to the people of the targeted area according to the standards approved by the World Health Organization.
Al-Ameen Humanitarian Support started the first training of the Aleppo Network project in its second phase, which works to build the capacities of staff working in health facilities benefiting from the project, which Al-Ameen completed the training of “Non-communicable diseases” for the nursing staff working in the centers of the Aleppo network.
The training continues in the city of “Azaz” for a week and in three phases and deals with the study of chronic diseases (stress, diabetes, asthma, heart disease).
the Procedures are used to treat high arterial pressure, heart failure, ischemic heart disease, in addition to clinical cases of diabetes and asthma.
At the end of the training, a written evaluation and a final exam were conducted to assess the extent to which the trainees have benefited.
This training is one of a series of exercises that Al-Ameen for humanitarian support will work on later, after coordination and cooperation with the World Health Organization WHO.


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