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Al-Ameen Health Center in Zardana.

Al-Ameen Health Center in Zardana, located within Idlib region in northern Syria, plays a major role in promoting and supporting the health situation in the region, as the center provides a variety of primary health care services that exceed 8,000 medical services per month.

Specialized clinics provided by the center:

The center provides general health care services through its different clinic, including medical consultations, physical examinations, and free prescriptions, where a wide range of diseases and various health conditions are diagnosed and treated, which contributes to improving the health of the local community.
Oral and dental health care services are also provided, including examination, caries treatment, extractions, and dental fillings. This contributes to improving oral and dental health and promoting health awareness of dental care.
Moreover, laboratory services are provided at the center to help diagnose diseases and examine medical samples, which include laboratory analyses, blood, urine, stool and other analysis which is necessary to assess the health condition and direct treatment properly.
Likewise, through a well-trained medical team, the center works to provide first aid services for emergencies and minor accidents, as the team evaluates the situation, provides the necessary primary medical care, and directs patients to a specialized medical facility according to the approved referral systems for specialized centers.
Zardana Health Center provides a clinic for children. This clinic provides health care services for children, including scheduled medical examinations, diagnosis and treatment of common childhood diseases, and guidance for parents on child care and proper nutrition.

What does the community health team offer?

The community health team at the center works on nutrition survey programs, where children and pregnant women are examined to assess their nutritional status and detect any nutritional deficiencies. Advice and comments about proper nutrition are provided to children and mothers, guidance is given on choosing foods rich in nutrients necessary for the proper growth of children.
In addition, appropriate nutritional counselling is provided to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, in order to ensure that children receive proper nutrition through breastfeeding, and using appropriate foods for each age group. The community health team also works to provide awareness about malnutrition problems and the negative impact on the health and development of children, this includes providing information about diseases resulting from malnutrition, such as acute malnutrition, vitamin A deficiency and iron deficiency. Parents are directed to obtain the necessary health care and appropriate treatment if malnutrition cases are diagnosed.

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