Medical Supplies & Medical Equipment tender

Tender Reference Number: RFQ/AL41H22/2.01-2.02/GZT

Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Aid requests service providers to submit detailed quotes for the procurement of the following items:

  • SECTION (1): Medical equipment.
  • SECTION (2): Medical Supplies.

Delivery terms: Syria / ALBAB AND AFRIN / (Al-Ameen’s warehouse).

Delivery date: 24/02/2022


  • Bids must be received in a sealed envelope.
  • Sealed envelopes must be delivered to the Al-Ameen office by 14/02/202216:00 local time at the following address: Bey Mahallesi Atatürk Bulvari, Uyum Apartment No:30 floor 2/3 Gaziantep/Şahinbey. Service providers must complete, sign and stamp all required documents (Bidders Instructions, Ethical Statement, Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal).
  • Questions will be responded to, answered will be shared with all bidders via email: [email protected]
  • Unsealed envelopes and overdue bids will not be considered.
  • The bidder must not be on the US Department of the Treasury’s Control of Foreign Assets (OFAC) Specially Designated Citizens (SDN) List and is eligible to participate in this request.
  • Bids sent by e-mail will be rejected.


  • Bidders must submit all required items.
  • Technical and financial bids must be filled in electronically in English (handwritten bids will be rejected).
  • Bid currency must be in EURO.
  • Al-Ameen for humanitarian support, may ask the bidder to increase the quantity by 25% during the validity period of the bid without any increase in product prices.
  • Financial offers will only be opened to those who have passed the technical evaluation stage.
  • As Al-Ameen intends to evaluate bids and make a decision without discussion, Bidders should submit their best bid at the outset. However, Al-Ameen reserves the right to conduct negotiations as it deems necessary.
  • The bidder’s company must be legally registered and have a bank account.
  • The bidder must indicate the bid validity not less than 60 calendar days.
  • Al-Ameen is not obligated to pay any costs or make any judgments incurred by the bidder in preparing this offer.
  • The price should include the cost of delivery, customs clearance and all other necessary fees.
  • Receipt of payment:
  • 20% of the contract price will be paid in advance after the contract is signed.
  • 65% will be paid on equipment delivery.
  • 15% will be paid 14 calendar days after delivery.
  • Al-Ameen will convert the contract price to Turkish lira and the exchange rate will be based on the exchange rate at the Central Bank of Turkey.
  • Al-Ameen will not compensate the bidder for any difference in exchange rate.

Responsibility of Bidders:

  • Bidders must fill in the required documents completely. Late offers will not be considered.
  • Bidders have to give a letter of guarantee of 25.000 TL together with their envelopes and this letter of guarantee will be returned to the bidders after the result of the tender is known.
  • Tender documents contain technical and financial offers. Bidders should separate the bids in two envelopes as follows:
  1. The Technical Proposal must be clearly marked “Technical Proposal – RFQ/AL41H22/2.01-2.02/GZT, company name” and contain:
  • Signed and stamped bidders’ instructions.
  • Signed and stamped technical offer.
  • Catalogs for equipment, each catalog must be marked with the number of each device as indicated in the financial proposal (catalogues can be loaded into flash memory with the technical proposal).
  • Documentation supporting the Bidder’s previous Experience.
  • Signed and stamped Ethics Statement form. Company registration documents.
  • The bidder’s address.
  • Copy of bidder ID.
  1. The financial proposal must be clearly marked – “Financial Offer – RFQ/AL41H22/2.01-2.02/GZT – company name” and includes:
  • Signed and stamped financial proposal.
  • Bidder’s full name.
  • The bidder’s address.
  • Copy of bidder ID.

Please download this file for information about DECLARATION OF NON-CONFLICT OF INTEREST

Please download this file for information about B.O.Q.

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