Food Security & Livelihoods

Al-Ameen works across two domains Rapid response and Development Projects. 

For rapid response, Al-Ameen identifies critical needs and responds in a timely manner by supporting bakeries and distributing food baskets to displaced and vulnerable families. Al-Ameen organizes these either directly through implementation or indirectly through a voucher system. Al-Ameen contracts food suppliers/stores that accept vouchers as a method of payment from families that are supported by Al-Ameen’s voucher program. 

Within development, Al-Ameen supports agricultural projects. Farmers are trained on agricultural best practices and are equipped with farming equipment. Al-Ameen also supports livestock breeders by providing livestock, fodder (and other necessary items), medicine and livestock-specific technical training. At the family level, Al-Ameen supports food production by women-led families (breadwinners). At the community level, Al-Ameen restores ovens and renovates food facilities through the “Cash for Work” program, targeting the most vulnerable populations within the community.