Whole of Syria Needs and Gaps Overview

AL-AMEEN Organization, in an attempt to capture a view of the humanitarian situation in whole of Syria Arab Republic in the communities, performed Multi-Sectoral Needs Assessment, due to rapid change in the security situation and the demographic change on the ground beside the increase in the gaps and needs in this area, also to mention that the lack of NGOS/INGOs that providing assistance and needs assessments in this area, beside the deterioration of the economic and security situation, not in the Syrian Arab Republic, but in the region in general.
In the thirteenth year of the Syrian crisis, the country’s population faces huge humanitarian obstacles with continued conflict affecting civilians, lack of shelter, food and non-food items (NFIs), basic services, education services, drinking water, health, nutrition and other essential necessities.
The humanitarian situation changes rapidly and significantly across the country, depending on the intensity of conflict, besides the displacement patterns and access to basic services and aid.

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