Last Resort Humanitarian Situation Pre-SC Resolution NW Syria 2021

Syria remains one of the world’s most complex humanitarian emergencies characterized by ongoing hostilities which have killed hundreds of thousands of people, triggered one of the worst displacement crises of our time, and led to the widespread destruction of civilian and agricultural infrastructure, including homes, schools, health facilities, water supply, and irrigation systems. Today, 13.4 million people in Syria need humanitarian assistance – a 21 percent increase compared to 2020 – with needs increasingly being exacerbated by economic decline.
Al-Ameen Organization, in an attempt to capture a view of the humanitarian situation in North West of Syria in the communities, were under the Turkish government or the Opposition armed groups, performed Multi-Sectoral Needs Assessment, due to rapid change in the security situation, displacement, and the demographic change on the ground, besides the need to updated information for these locations, also in some locations no information was submitted, also to shed the light On the importance of aid entered into this region through the Turkish borders crossings with Syria, in coinciding with the Security Council meeting to vote on the continuation of work through these crossings and the extent to which such a decision will affect the afflicted people who suffer from the lack of the most life basics over the past ten years…

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