The importance of Susyan center

For a decade, the Syrian people have been experiencing a lot of pain and harsh conditions of displacement due to the war caused by the Syrian regime, which affected the lives of many residents and pushed them to leave their homes and migrate to safer areas, and their conditions were accompanied by the high cost of living and the lack of basic medical services that many needs.

In response to these problems, “Susyan” health center was built and established, which is considered one of the most important health centers that are supported by “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support, and as it is the center for the eastern and western countryside of the Syrian city of “Al-Bab”, where many medical services are provided within it, helping residents and displaced people in those areas are to benefit from the services provided by the center, and it saves them the effort of travel and financial expenses, the center also contains many and varied medical clinics such as pediatric, gynecological, internal, cardiac, orthopedic, and thoracic clinics. The center also provides first aid and pharmacy services to benefit the largest possible segment of patients.

Since the opening of the center to this day, hundreds of medical examinations and medical consultations are provided daily to residents and displaced people living in “Susyan” areas, and “Al-Ameen” has always had an effective role on the ground to serve the various segments present on the Syrian lands, to bear on behalf of the people some of their suffering, and work to alleviate the severity and cruelty the life that revolves around them during the war years that exhausted their bodies and souls.


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