Tal al-Hawa center

In the far north of the countryside of Aleppo, and within “Al-Bab” area, the town of “Tal Al-Hawa” lies, which is a center of population that is steadily increasing due to the continuous waves of displacement to the northern countryside of Aleppo to that town and its surroundings.

“Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support takes responsibility in the health center of this country, the health center in Tal Al-Hawa continuously provides free treatment services, with all pharmaceutical, laboratory and advisory services, and refers advanced cases to the relevant specialized centers.

The number of consultations and inspections within the center of Tal Al-Hawa town reached to 4816 during the month of March, and the number of examinations for women between the ages of 15 to 49 reached about 518, while the number of pregnant women was 406, in addition to that, the number of respiratory inspections reached 528 The digestive system has 126 cases.

Respiratory and digestive system diseases, eye diseases, pregnancy and childbirth cases, and orthopedic cases were at the forefront of all cases that the center dealt with during the past month, and the percentage of males benefiting was 49%, while the percentage of females was 51%.


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