Necessity is the mother of all inventions - Faheem Naji

Necessity is the mother of all inventions – Faheem Naji

Faheem Naji understood the meaning of this saying very well and used it to change his life and the lives of those around him, as he started to make artificial limbs from simple materials such as tree branches and steel bars.

It all started when Mohammad’s leg was amputated after this was the only solution to the medical problems he had, he decided to follow his dream and obtained a scholarship from the International Cross to study artificial limbs in India, which is a five-year study field.

Now, Faheem is working at the IRVD center in Yemen and helps tens of people on a daily basis to restore their mobility and movement, in his words ‘More than 5000 people suffered from limbs amputation during the war, and we need to help them in all possible ways to prevent them from being desperate or having suicidal ideas as a result of their status, we should be the ones standing next to them because they deserve all the help an.






Beneficiary Ahmed suffers from nerve atrophy in some upper parts of his body

“Ahmad” is one of the victims of the ferocious war in Yemen, he suffers from atrophy in parts of his upper body, where the atrophy caused difficulties in movement generally and in his ability to freely move his hands specifically. “Ahmad” is a regular visitor of the rehabilitation department in Taiz centre, where the medical staff are keen to provide the necessary treatment sessions to his case, and are hoping that he will restore the full movement ability by the end of the planned recovery program.


Physical_ therapy

Physical therapy

An unfortunate accident was the reason “Adbullah” was going through a lot of suffering in the past six months, as it caused various fractures in different parts of his body, including his left leg above and below the knee, and in his right-hand wrist.

“Abdullah” visited our physiotherapy centre approximately two months ago, where the medical staff have planned a tailor-made rehabilitation program and plan, including a set of hand exercises and x-rays.

Now, “Abdullah” restored 50% of his ability to walk, after tens of sessions with the physiotherapists who supervised his treatment and recovery plan as he expressed his happiness for the progress that he made in such a short period.



Abdulrahman’s hope of walking

After months of suffering, Abdulrahman, 28 years old, visited the artificial limbs centre in Taiz, to help him overcome the injury he had after an explosion. Our medical staff responded promptly as they began with taking the right measurements to design and place the limb, and Abdulrahman managed to walk again!

He says: ‘ I’m happy to be able to walk again, now my life becomes easier with this artificial limb and I can continue my life normally ’.

The artificial limbs center, which is supported by KSRelief, provides various services to the patients and helps them to regain hope in their lives.






Child Mohamed required intensive physical rehabilitation sessions

The medical team worked at the Taiz Center for Industrial Prosthetics on a strong follow-up to the situation of the child ′′ Mohamed ′′ over two full months, to help him rise again, as his case required intensive physical rehabilitation sessions at a rate of 3 sessions a day. It took a joint effort from the medical team and the family of the child to support him and encourage him to reach the desired result, and once it’s been two weeks until Mohamed’s situation started to gradually improve to try to get himself up and walk. This is what came true after a long time.

The medical staff is doing their utmost to provide assistance to the auditors, aims to reach the largest possible portion of them, with a view to helping them return to their normal life by providing various medical services, whether it be through installation of prosthetic limbs, physical therapy, etc. It is one of the many services at Taiz center


Shuiya suffers from acute kidney failure

After fleeing her home town, “Shuiya” finally settled in Al-Ghaydah city, as she arrived, she started feeling pain in her kidneys, few days later she was diagnosed with severe kidney failure and she was told that she needs a kidney plant, but this wasn’t possible due to her financial hardships. Afterwards, she started attending dialysis sessions in Al-Ghaydah centre for two times a week, now she’s looking forward to continue her life.  “Shuiya” is one of 35 patients receiving continuous treatment at the centre which provides it’s services to IDPs who form 83% of the total beneficiaries. In November, the centre provided 351 dialysis sessions along with providing 778 medicines and performing 450 tests.


Opening of the psychological support clinic on breast cancer in Marib

In coordination with Maarib hospital committee, IRVD has yesterday launched a psychological support centre in Maarib city, Yemen, and announced the start of a comprehensive awareness program on breast cancer that includes conducting free-of-charge medical examining and testing, as well as conducting surgeries and operations for free.

The program aims at conducting lectures and seminars in educational institutions such as schools and universities in addition to IDP camps, and its main focus is to provide as many free tests as possible for the suspected cases, and to follow-up and treat the confirmed cases and perform surgeries when needed. Also, the program will include distributing brochures and posters to raise public awareness on the topic and to explain the significance of early examining and testing, and many other detailed information on breast cancer. The program comes under the IRVD initiatives to help the victims of the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

Abdulaziz Al-Shaddadi, the general manager of the health bureau has expressed his gratitude to IRVD and the general committee of Maarib hospital, stating that the bureau is aiming at developing this centre to become a fully-functioning mental health hospital in the future, and he emphasized the importance of the awareness campaign on breast cancer.


Mohammad Al-Mouawadi, the province deputy said that many of the victims of the conflict are going through very difficult times psychologically and they are in immense need for support, especially in the province of Maarib where more than 3 million IDP live along with the many injured and affected people, bearing in mind the already very difficult economic situation that the families and IDPs are experiencing. 


70 years didn’t know meaning of surrender..

Five years ago, Sai’d was having a normal day at a public hospital where he worked, until the hospital was bombed which caused him a severe injury that led to the imputation of his both legs, since then he was trying to walk again, his suffering continued until he visited the artificial limbs centre supported by KSRelief in Taiz, Yemen as our medical staff provided him with the required limbs and began a rehabilitation plan, and admired the will of Sai’d who’s 70 years old but has never gave up on the hope of walking again. Now, the medical team expects him to begin walking normally very soon once the recovery program is accomplished.


Awareness campaign about breast cancer in Al_muhra

In accordance with the global awareness campaigns on breast_cancer, which are conducted in October of each year under the name of the_pink_month, IRVD – in cooperation with the local health bureau in Al_muhra province in Yemen, has launched an awareness campaign on the topic, aiming at raising the awareness of the local population and to sensitize them on the hazards of this disease. Also, among the campaign objectives is to spread knowledge on the significance of early examining, and how to know the best nutritional systems and sports enhance the overall immune system of the body against all types of diseases.

“Amin Ahmad”, the manager of health awareness media department in Al_muhra city, has praised the efforts of IRVD in the campaign and in supporting the health bureau and several projects in the city, also, he emphasized the importance of the continuous cooperation between IRVD and the municipality bureau.

Moreover, Dr. Samah Bametrif has emphasized the significance of early examining and how affective this could be in terms of the possibility of curing and the costs of treatment in early stages, thanking everyone who contributed to the campaign and wishing more similar activities to come in the future.