Physiotherapy.. Renew Hope

Within the areas of war and conflict, where a person lives countless challenges that reflect one after the other on his life and on his relationship with those around him, in those areas in particular, the mobility disability becomes something like the virtual death of those afflicted with it! Disability is considered to be of unspeakable physical and psychological pain in normal circumstances, so how if your home is in a state of war, conflict, or economic collapse?

There may be many types, causes and forms of mobility disabilities, but the majority of them unite in one path of salvation and treatment, this path is the physiotherapy, so what exactly is physiotherapy? Physiotherapy is a series of therapeutic activities that are provided to individuals in order to restore movement to the normal limit, while developing and maintaining functional abilities at all levels of life that a person goes through, in addition to improving the quality of life, rehabilitation and the possibility of moving again in the natural way as possible.


Yemen and Syria

War zones were the most deserving of care in this regard, in addition to the fact that the war operations in them had physically damaged thousands of people, and resulted in them severe injuries that led to multiple mobility disabilities, so physiotherapy services within these areas had to be given utmost importance, taking into account the humanitarian conditions, and sensitive to the population whose interests, livelihoods, and even homes have been destroyed by wars.

For all this, “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support moved to take over the responsibility of physiotherapy centers in two countries that have been devastated by wars and conflicts and are still, which are: Yemen and Syria, making their peoples vulnerable to various injuries that have produced innumerable mobility disabilities. As the “Al-Ameen” teams supervise four physiotherapy centers in Yemen in “Aden – Taiz – Saioun – Maareb” and one center in Syria in “Idlib”.

As a matter of accurate statistics, during the month of April alone, Taiz Physiotherapy Center received 109 patients, Aden Center received 86 patients, while Saioun Center received 182 patients, Maareb Center received 146 patients, and Ariha Center in Syria received 183 patients.


Physiotherapy renews Sami’s hope

Many human stories that were reported to the physiotherapy centers in Yemen and Syria, Among them, we bring today the story of the 36-year-old young man “Sami Saeed Anbar” from Republic of Yemen -Hadramout city, who is a father of three, and works in his small project in his three-wheeled bicycle to transport goods and livestock to all the people of Saioun.

Sami does not leave his lips with a smile in front of everyone who met him, whether he knows him or not. Sami suffered several years ago from a disability in his back after he had a fever that disrupted the functions of his organs, and this injury had adverse consequences in his life and the lives of those who support them, and it stopped His bike was out of work and became just junk in front of his house, and his body and the bodies of his young children were emaciated, and one of them became malnourished. Sami has repeatedly tried to treat his chronic disability, moving between hospitals in Hadramout, Maareb, Aden and Sana’a, but all of these attempts did not bear fruit.

The head of the physiotherapy association tells us: “Sami told us in sign language because he could not speak well, to go and go to the center for an examination and then to undergo a number of physical therapy sessions. A physiotherapist received him and we were surprised that 80% of Sami’s members had returned to Movement and to its functional services”.

The supervising technician tells us about Sami’s condition by saying:” Sami told us in sign language that he could not speak well, by going to the examination center, and then undergoing to a number of physical therapy sessions. After he visit to the Prosthetics and Rehabilitation Center in Seiyun, to follow up on his condition by specialists, and after organizing a treatment program for Sami for more than a year. The result was impressive, 80% of his organs have returned to the movement and to its functional services.

The head of physiotherapy association Society continues by saying: “The center’s workers have created a new friendship with Sami, who keeps mentioning the name of the technician always, because of his creation, reception and good treatment, not to mention that the center provides its services free of charge to all beneficiaries.”

Thus, Sami returned to his small project that achieves decent livelihoods for him by working on his motorbike, and will transport goods and livestock to citizens and displaced people in the city of Saioun, thus achieving qualitative self-sufficiency in his life that he thought that it had completely ended, and his conversion to the abysses of oblivion and valleys of despair.



Flaccid paralysis monitor

To achieve its permanent program in training and development, “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support, in cooperation with the early warning network team, held a training course about Flaccid paralysis monitor, in the city of “Al-Bab” in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

The early warning network team visited Al-Ameen’s medical center in Al-Bab on April 5, and conducted a training course on Flaccid paralysis monitor for 20 trainees from doctors, nurses, pharmacists and community health workers which working in this center.

The aim of the training is to investigate cases of Flaccid paralysis within children and limit its spread through vaccination campaigns and early detection and reporting of these cases, and identifying the concept of “golden time” for discovering and reporting disease cases and referring the patient for treatment, which must be within a period of 6 Months.

The methods of spread and infection of this disease were defined, its seriousness was defined, and similar cases were defined among other diseases, and the trainers emphasized that any case that is observed includes a symptom of this disease, it must be considered as acute flaccid paralysis until proven otherwise.



She smiled again

She smiled again after the suffering of travel and the need to surgery.

“Sahar Al-Hussein” – 7 years old – suffers from a congenital problem in the heart, which is that the ductus arteriosus remains open, which caused her many health problems, and later she required a cardiac catheterization operation to close that channel.

Sahar, who was born in Hama countryside and resides in the liberated areas, was denied from her right to treatment due to the lack of specialized centers that carry out such operations in northwestern Syria. Sahar was able to enter the Turkish territory and perform the operation at the expense of the “Al-ameen”, so that the smile returns to Sahar’s face, and the joy reigns in her family’s home again.

Sahar’s story is not the only one and it is not the first of its kind. Rather, it is one of dozens of stories produced by the noble solidarity between “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support, and the health authorities in Turkey in general, so that human aid would be a large and illuminating title for every story.


End-of-“supply chain”-course

End of “supply chain” course

End of “supply chain” course.. Yesterday in March 31, the training of “Medical supply chain management” have ended, as part of “Aleppo network” project, which had already held many other training courses supported by “Al-Ameen” for Humanitarian Support supports the work of medical personnel through this training project.

This course was held in the city of “Azaz” in the northern countryside of Aleppo, and the aim was to unify the protocol for managing medical warehouses and pharmacies according to modern standards approved by the world health organization “WHO”, with the aim of promoting medical and pharmaceutical work in the liberated areas in Syria. This training also targeted forty trainees, and by the end of “supply chain” course, another course on the same topic is scheduled to begin on the 4th of this month.

“Aleppo network” project is one of the projects which established by “Al-Ameen” in the northern countryside of Aleppo to train medical personnel in the region and raise their professional, scientific and operational level. The project has previously held several training courses in the city of Azaz during the past two months, including training of “Minimum standards for reproductive health services protocols”, and training of complaints management and beneficiaries’ satisfaction.




Al-Ameen wherever you are

Al-Ameen .. Support reaches you wherever you are

By the increasing of population numbers in “Afrin” area in the far northwest of Syria, the needs are urgent for medical care to reach every village and every town even if the infrastructure is not ready for this matter. From this standpoint, “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support has activated mobile clinics that can reach far areas that require constant medical attention, and among those mobile clinics, the mobile clinic in “Bulbul” village.

Bulbul mobile clinic provides medical services to the people of the region and the displaced in it, as “Al-Ameen” teams provide medical examinations and consultations, provide medicines and supplementary food for children, as well as educate and guide mothers, especially in light of the current health situation in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as refer reviewers to specialized medical centers according to the situation and need.

The clinic provided nearly 2770 services during the last February, and the number of medical consultations in Bulbul Mobile Clinic reached 1106 services, distributed between 496 males, 610 females, and the clinic provided various nursing services amounting to 52 services. High blood pressure was at the top of the list of diseases that the center dealt with, with a rate of 39 cases, followed by diabetes with 31



Mother’s Day

To celebrate the noble role that mothers play everywhere, Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support held a large celebration event in “Azaz” in the northern countryside of Aleppo, on the occasion of mothers’ day as tribute to the Syrian mothers and their pioneering role and struggle in light of the difficult humanitarian conditions that the region is experiencing.

With the presence of about 25 mothers, in addition to a group of workers ladies and working mothers among the teams of “Al-Ameen” in the region, these influential and active Syrian mothers were honored. From a martyr’s mother, to a detainee’s mother, to a hard-working mother who strives and sacrifices for the sake of her family, all of them were honored by the “Al-Amin” in this celebration, in order to fulfill even a very small part of their rights, and to recognize their endless sacrifices.

During the honor, each of the honored mothers gave a speech, after a speech on behalf of “Al-Ameen” team that given by Mr. “Abdul Salam Al-Amin”, in which he extended his warmest congratulations to the mothers in the name of “Al-Amin” and her team, followed by introductory videos about “Al-Ameen” and its various activities and events, in addition to a short film produced by “Al-Amin” on the occasion of mothers’ day, in which the members of Al-Amin’s team are shown greeting some Syrian mothers.

This celebration, which was sponsored by “Al-Ameen”, was widely welcomed by all media, community and civil activities in the region, and in this regard, “Al-Ameen” always stresses its inspiration for the struggle of mothers and their great sacrifices, so that all these matters become a beacon, an ideal, and an incentive that pays all the members of the large family of “Al-Ameen” to work and give, and to be always a help and support for people everywhere.


Carbomb at Alameen warehouse

Carbomb at Alameen warehouse

By Saturday afternoon, March 20, in the city of “Al-Bab” northern countryside of Aleppo, a car bomb targeted the medical warehouse of “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support in the city, the explosion led to heavy losses in the building and the properties.

3 death and 6 casualties among them 2 of Al-ameen staff. It is worth noting that this warehouse was supplying 13 medical facilities and 10 mobile clinics in northern Aleppo and Idlib. “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support pays deepest condolences to the families of the dead and wishes a fast recovery for the wounded casualties. “Al-Ameen” affirms its determination to continue its mission of humanitarian support, regardless of the ordeals, challenges, and dangers.




Susyan Health Center

Susyan Health Center 

Al-Ameen for humanitarian support always aims to reach the most affected vulnerable groups, especially those in need of primary health care services, as it works to provide it to the beneficiaries in the northern and eastern countryside of Aleppo.

“Susyan Health Center” is located in Susyan district in the north of “Al-Bab” city, it is considered one of the vital centers that meet the needs of the beneficiaries there.

The number of beneficiaries from the services of the center reaches more than 3000 beneficiaries every month, and it provides 4700 medical services per month, and this center is intended for more than 11 villages and towns surrounding Susyan district such as “Hazwan” and “Al-Dana”, and other villages with a total population of about 50 thousand people.

The center provides first aid services and general clinics, in addition to the women’s clinic service, and the referral service that benefits patients who are referred to fully qualified medical centers.




Al-Ameen Organization has signed an agreement with the Free Aleppo University

Economic crises, continuous displacement in Syria, aside from the destroyed killing machine all 10 years, caused to suspension of the training phase for most of the new medical faculty graduated and ungraduated students in the training period.

As one of Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support goals, reinforcing the education sector and seeking to train and empower the youth.

Al-Ameen Organization has signed an agreement with the Free Aleppo University, aiming to train the fifth and sixth years students in Medical faculty and students who have not completed the training phases “Stages”, whereas Al-Amin will provide the training opportunity for this segment of students for three months in its medical facilities and centers, additionally, provide them opportunities to have jobs in Al-Ameen’s centers or other medical centers.





The psychosocial support team of AlAmeen in Susyan village – AlBab

The psychosocial support team of AlAmeen in Susyan village – AlBab city Aleppo Syria

Conducted 3 entertainment group sessions and individual session targeted 17 children 

Sessions have consisted of morning sport activities having health and psychological benefits in order to get them as much as possible out of routine and reveal their skills to be developed and grew them up.

Sport is not the only goal we targeted, as well as to be together, team’s spirit renovating, throughout participating in group exercises and knowing the importance of the group, union and increasing the ability to focus