Awareness Of Arterial Hypertension

Awareness of arterial hypertension

The community health team of Jinderis has conducted an awareness session on “High Blood Pressure” disease, which is considered the most common chronic as statistics suggest that one in three people who are over 40 years old have high blood pressure. Moreover, the team explained what consequences might occur if the case is left without treatment, such as heart, kidney and eye diseases. Despite that, high blood pressure can be controlled through regularly taking the medicine described by the doctor and following the doctor’s instructions regarding periodic visits and examinations, reducing salt and fats in diet and replacing it with fruits and vegetables, in addition to exercising and quitting smoking.






The Jinderes mobile clinic tours

It’s another day of relentless work by the mobile clinic team in the town of Jinderes, as the team roamed around the nearby refugee camps, and also visited a school in Al_Daghm town, to ensure all the medical needs of the residents are met. Moreover, the team is carrying out comprehensive awareness campaigns on the hazards of Covid-19 disease, reminding the families of the most important safety rules to reduce the risks of Covid-19.