Ariha dialysis center

The dialysis center in the Syrian city of “Ariha” has great importance that only the residents of the same region may realize, especially those with kidney failure or those with various kidney diseases.

The number of beneficiaries of Ariha dialysis center in the last April is approximately 20 beneficiaries, divided between an old attendee and a newcomer, and they all undergo about 157 dialysis sessions per month, which take place at the center under the supervision and care of its medical staff.

The percentage of male beneficiaries was 60% and females 40%, while the percentage of residents reached 80% and the displaced 20%.


Idlib physical therapy center

Because of the miserable humanitarian conditions that the Syrian governorate of “Idlib” has been living for years, and the bombing that accompanied it, targeting civilian areas, in particular, thousands of injuries and disabilities appeared that need follow-up treatment, after the completion of the first aid and surgeries, especially in the limbs and spine areas, which making the presence of physical therapy centers an urgent need for the people of the province.

It should be noted in this regard that the effects of violent injuries resulting from bombing and military operations do not stop at the initial damage, but rather have a fundamental impact on the ability of the injured to move, and for this, physical therapy is one of the most important necessities for follow-up treatment for the injured, as it works to restore natural movement as possible for the affected joints and muscles, and electrical nerve stimulating devices help the injured to gradually return to their normal life.

Accordingly, “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support through Idlib physical therapy center seeks to receive all age groups who need physical therapy sessions, from newborns to the elderly and provides physical therapy to patients, the center also provides physical therapy sessions for males and females during specific days.

The teams working in Idlib physical therapy center are making utmost efforts to help the families who suffer from such injuries, by using the latest modern treatment techniques, in addition to following up hundreds of cases, in order to determine the readiness of the injured and prepare them to return to their normal lives again.


Mohammed Al-Naqouh lived difficult years with illness

For years, Mohammad was suffering with kidney failure, and despite undergoing several surgeries, his status would only be better for a while before deteriorating again. Mohammad used to travel for long distances across the city of Idlib to get the medical care he needed, travel costs added to the treatment fees have exhausted Mohammad and was a burden that he had to carry twice a week. But circumstances have changed completely for him as he visited our center in Areeha city, now, Mohammad can easily reach the center for two sessions a week, and to get all the required medical care and attention by our team. Moreover, he doesn’t have to bear the heavy costs of traveling to get the basic care his status requires



Al_Ameen center for physiotherapy

Al_Ameen center for physiotherapy

The severe damage caused by shelling exceeds the first injury impact to form a chronic problem to the injured muscles and limbs. Therefore, physiotherapy is considered one of the most important procedures to be followed after surgery, as it helps the injured persons to regain their ability to move freely and to rehabilitate the damaged muscle tissues. Moreover, the muscle and nerves stimulation devices play a major role in the recovery process. Al_Ameen centre for physiotherapy in Idlib city provides all types of assistance to the injured persons, and our medical team never saves an effort to ensure full recovery to the injured cases.





Al-Ameen educational center

Al-Ameen educational center

Since education is one of the most important elements of our society, Al-Ameen puts it at the top of its priorities. Therefore, and through the educational centers in Idlib province, Al-Ameen seeks to provide learning opportunities to students. In Areeha city, Al-Ameen educational center presents students with unique chances to enhance their skills in several main courses such as mathematics, physics, biology, history, chemistry, and French language among other courses. Moreover, Al-Ameen established the “Knowledge” educational center in the city of Idlib, with a variety of courses and learning opportunities.