Necessity is the mother of all inventions - Faheem Naji

Necessity is the mother of all inventions – Faheem Naji

Faheem Naji understood the meaning of this saying very well and used it to change his life and the lives of those around him, as he started to make artificial limbs from simple materials such as tree branches and steel bars.

It all started when Mohammad’s leg was amputated after this was the only solution to the medical problems he had, he decided to follow his dream and obtained a scholarship from the International Cross to study artificial limbs in India, which is a five-year study field.

Now, Faheem is working at the IRVD center in Yemen and helps tens of people on a daily basis to restore their mobility and movement, in his words ‘More than 5000 people suffered from limbs amputation during the war, and we need to help them in all possible ways to prevent them from being desperate or having suicidal ideas as a result of their status, we should be the ones standing next to them because they deserve all the help an.






Walid and his suffering with pain that lasted for years in the ears

Waleed” Has been suffering for six years of chronic ear pain as a result of an injury that hit him during the war, and because of his difficult living circumstances, he couldn’t afford treatment in #Ersal since he lives in a refugee camp. After a long wait, Walid visited our medical center in Ersal and was diagnosed by a specialized doctor who also provided him with the required medicine and information on a device that he can use to avoid the pains again, now Waleed is looking forward to continue his life normally after reaching full recovery from this chronic pain.



Mohammed Al-Naqouh lived difficult years with illness

For years, Mohammad was suffering with kidney failure, and despite undergoing several surgeries, his status would only be better for a while before deteriorating again. Mohammad used to travel for long distances across the city of Idlib to get the medical care he needed, travel costs added to the treatment fees have exhausted Mohammad and was a burden that he had to carry twice a week. But circumstances have changed completely for him as he visited our center in Areeha city, now, Mohammad can easily reach the center for two sessions a week, and to get all the required medical care and attention by our team. Moreover, he doesn’t have to bear the heavy costs of traveling to get the basic care his status requires




knowledge awareness among school students on personal health

The community health team is working to spread knowledge and to raise awareness among the youngest school students on personal and public health and sanity, through visiting the maximum number of schools and conducting awareness sessions. The team has visit a school in badinli Syria town to explain the importance of personal and public health and sanity measures such as constantly washing hands and face, and the importance of keeping a clean school as it resembles the second home for the students, the information included also explaining the significance of the vaccinations that take place in schools. The community health team is aiming to play a complimentary role along with the families and educational staff to build an aware and socially-responsible generation.


Awareness Of Arterial Hypertension

Awareness of arterial hypertension

The community health team of Jinderis has conducted an awareness session on “High Blood Pressure” disease, which is considered the most common chronic as statistics suggest that one in three people who are over 40 years old have high blood pressure. Moreover, the team explained what consequences might occur if the case is left without treatment, such as heart, kidney and eye diseases. Despite that, high blood pressure can be controlled through regularly taking the medicine described by the doctor and following the doctor’s instructions regarding periodic visits and examinations, reducing salt and fats in diet and replacing it with fruits and vegetables, in addition to exercising and quitting smoking.






Awareness about following the preventive measures in Badinli

The community health team in Badinli are working to ensure the safety of the local community as the second wave of Covid-19 virus is breaking out, the team has conducted an awareness session in one of the schools to raise awareness on Covid-19 pandemic protection measures, explaining the importance of following these measures in reducing the impact of the virus, such as washing and sanitizing hands constantly, wearing a face mask and keeping the social distance. Moreover, the team explained how the virus can be transferred among people, also, the session contained providing information on how to enhance the body immune system against diseases, and how the symptoms vary from one case to another, especially for people with chronic diseases where the symptoms might be worse depending on each case.


building trust and self-esteem

The psychosocial support team in Al-Bab city has conducted several group sessions on the importance of building and enhancing trust and self-esteem for children at an early age, with the participation of 18 men and women. The sessions discussed various topics starting with the fact that it’s the parents responsibility to enhance the child’s self-esteem and to enable him from facing all kinds of challenges that he might encounter during his life. Moreover, the team provided many advice to the attendees on how to deal with their children, such as hearing them out and not interrupting them, answering all the child questions which enhance the feeling of being cared for.




Beneficiary Ahmed suffers from nerve atrophy in some upper parts of his body

“Ahmad” is one of the victims of the ferocious war in Yemen, he suffers from atrophy in parts of his upper body, where the atrophy caused difficulties in movement generally and in his ability to freely move his hands specifically. “Ahmad” is a regular visitor of the rehabilitation department in Taiz centre, where the medical staff are keen to provide the necessary treatment sessions to his case, and are hoping that he will restore the full movement ability by the end of the planned recovery program.



School of health

In November, the school health and malnutrition management project continued to provide services for 15296 beneficiaries who received 48204 services, including 206 psychosocial support sessions to 7852 students, and 275 community health sessions that benefited 11592 people. Moreover, the project team is working to cover as many schools as possible, as it covers 48 schools in 8 provinces until now in the project supported by  KSRelief.