Dialysis Center – Yemen AlGhaydah

The dialysis center in “Al-Ghaydah” district in Yemeni governorate of “Al-Mahra” continues to provide medical services to beneficiaries with generous support by “KSRelief” center.

During the first quarter of the two-year project, the center received 43 patients who received 2066 dialysis sessions, and 98 patients received examination services in a nephrology clinic.

The percentage of male beneficiaries was 74% and females 26%, while the percentage of residents of the beneficiaries was 81%, and the displaced are 12% and the percentage of refugees is 7%. Free medicines were dispensed from the kidney disease clinic, which amounted to 4728 prescriptions, and 1768 laboratory analyzes were performed, and this comes within the framework of the medical projects presented by the Kingdom represented by the center for the sick and injured in Yemen.


Shuiya suffers from acute kidney failure

After fleeing her home town, “Shuiya” finally settled in Al-Ghaydah city, as she arrived, she started feeling pain in her kidneys, few days later she was diagnosed with severe kidney failure and she was told that she needs a kidney plant, but this wasn’t possible due to her financial hardships. Afterwards, she started attending dialysis sessions in Al-Ghaydah centre for two times a week, now she’s looking forward to continue her life.  “Shuiya” is one of 35 patients receiving continuous treatment at the centre which provides it’s services to IDPs who form 83% of the total beneficiaries. In November, the centre provided 351 dialysis sessions along with providing 778 medicines and performing 450 tests.