training on Aleppo network project

The training is one of the most important basics for developing skills, expanding horizons for managerial behaviors with flexible relationships at work, organized thinking, dealing, and the ability to solve and deal with various problems, in addition to the ability to adapt to new work changes and conditions, absorb the anger of others, and develop listening skills and innovation, communication, relationships and supervision, motivating workers and investing their capabilities for the benefit of all parts of society and the circle surrounding them.

And since the training field is one of the most important things that the “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support in Syria has been working on for a long time. “Aleppo Network” training project continues in the northern countryside of Aleppo, specifically in the city of “Azaz”, where the current days witness the last period of training within this project.

Many of trainees benefit from this project, who were divided into specialized groups that suit each individual and his field of work, or just because of his familiarity with a specific field within the training he wants to attend.

The past few months have witnessed several important training courses held within the training in Aleppo network project, including medical supply chain management training, training in dealing with the emerging coronavirus pandemic, training of minimum standards for reproductive health services protocols, and training for complaints management and beneficiary satisfaction. Often the training targets the medical personnel working in health centers within the region, including doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators of various specialties.



Ain al-Baida health center

With unlimited support and effort from “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support, the health center in the town of “Ain Al-Baida” near the city of “Jarablus” in the far north of Syria continues to provide primary health care services, in one of the many areas of northern Syria that have witnessed in the past few years a great population You need constant health care.

The number of beneficiaries of the center during the month of March of last March reached nearly 1921, who were distributed among the various clinics within Ain al-Baida center, and the percentage of males was 30% of the total number of beneficiaries, and females 70%.

The center includes cardiac, ophthalmic, chest, internal, and women’s clinics, in addition to general clinics, a children’s clinic, and a dental clinic, in addition to pharmaceutical and laboratory services. The number of pregnant females who benefited from the center’s services during the past month reached 171 beneficiaries, while the total number of examinations within the women’s clinic was 429, while respiratory diseases occupied the top of the cases that the center dealt with 754 cases.



Early detection of cancer

“Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support held a training in the city of “Azaz” in the northern countryside of Aleppo, the topic of which focused on early detection of cancer, specifically breast cancer and uterine cancer. The training targeted midwives in 21 hospitals and health centers, with the aim of introducing the most important symptoms of cancer and the predisposing factors, with an explanation of the females who may be exposed to infection so that the patient is aware of the infection early.

In addition, early detection of cancer aims to reduce the number of infections because it is almost common among females, and that early treatment helps in rapid recovery, and in order to link with referral centers and work on treatment from it.

Midwives have been practically trained on how to self-examine breasts, in order to introduce it to infected or uninfected women, and midwives have been trained to take a cervical sample, distinguish between symptoms of cervical cancer and predisposing factors, in addition to guidance on health awareness and health education in this regard.





Covid-19 case management

“Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support held a training in the city of “Azaz” in the northern countryside of Aleppo, this training focused on managing cases of Covid-19, as the training dealt with the emergence of Covid-19, clinical symptoms, radiological and laboratory diagnostic methods, in addition to laboratory standards.

This training of Covid-19 case management dealt with the treatment protocol followed, and the drugs that are given to patients in terms of the indications for each drug, its contraindications and dosages, as well as talking about modern medicines and developments that have occurred in them and managing patients in intensive care, and the training dealt with talking about RDS and the necessary methods to manage it.



Susyan Health Center

Susyan Health Center 

Al-Ameen for humanitarian support always aims to reach the most affected vulnerable groups, especially those in need of primary health care services, as it works to provide it to the beneficiaries in the northern and eastern countryside of Aleppo.

“Susyan Health Center” is located in Susyan district in the north of “Al-Bab” city, it is considered one of the vital centers that meet the needs of the beneficiaries there.

The number of beneficiaries from the services of the center reaches more than 3000 beneficiaries every month, and it provides 4700 medical services per month, and this center is intended for more than 11 villages and towns surrounding Susyan district such as “Hazwan” and “Al-Dana”, and other villages with a total population of about 50 thousand people.

The center provides first aid services and general clinics, in addition to the women’s clinic service, and the referral service that benefits patients who are referred to fully qualified medical centers.




Al-Ameen Organization has signed an agreement with the Free Aleppo University

Economic crises, continuous displacement in Syria, aside from the destroyed killing machine all 10 years, caused to suspension of the training phase for most of the new medical faculty graduated and ungraduated students in the training period.

As one of Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support goals, reinforcing the education sector and seeking to train and empower the youth.

Al-Ameen Organization has signed an agreement with the Free Aleppo University, aiming to train the fifth and sixth years students in Medical faculty and students who have not completed the training phases “Stages”, whereas Al-Amin will provide the training opportunity for this segment of students for three months in its medical facilities and centers, additionally, provide them opportunities to have jobs in Al-Ameen’s centers or other medical centers.





The community health team

The community health team in Sheikh Alhadid town has conducted a number of awareness sessions on Covid-19 pandemic, the awareness sessions included explaining the nature of the virus and how it can spread rapidly. Also, the team demonstrated the basic steps and measures that should be taken into consideration to avoid the virus, including wearing face masks and keeping the social distance, along with sanitizing and washing hands constantly, the team has also emphasized the importance to following these measures especially that we’re witnessing the spread of the second wave of the pandemic.