building trust and self-esteem

The psychosocial support team in Al-Bab city has conducted several group sessions on the importance of building and enhancing trust and self-esteem for children at an early age, with the participation of 18 men and women. The sessions discussed various topics starting with the fact that it’s the parents responsibility to enhance the child’s self-esteem and to enable him from facing all kinds of challenges that he might encounter during his life. Moreover, the team provided many advice to the attendees on how to deal with their children, such as hearing them out and not interrupting them, answering all the child questions which enhance the feeling of being cared for.




Awareness Session about Diabetes

In accordance with the international day of diabetes, Al_Ameen community health team in Al_bab city has conducted an awareness session about Diabetes and explained the main reasons behind the disease, and the rise of sugar levels in the blood, such as not following a healthy diet and not exercising especially for patients with chronic diabetes.

Moreover, the team members also explained the importance of following a healthy diet such as foods rich in fiber and emphasized the significance of avoiding negative feelings as the psychological impact of that is very relevant to controlling sugar levels in the blood.