humanitarian work and Adel

Many people live a very ordinary life of continuous routine and surrender to the constant pressures of life. However, few people are the ones who choose to deny themselves and devote their efforts to the benefit of others, in the interest of society, in the interest of man, and humanitarian work.

“Adel Jomaa Jawish” is a 30-years old young man from the town of “Qabasin” in the northern countryside of Aleppo. He was educated in its schools, then moved to Aleppo to complete his studies at the College of literature and human sciences, then specializes in studying philosophy and psychological and social issues.

With the escalation of humanitarian needs in Syria, both paths of Adel and humanitarian work were always accompanied, to end this noble endeavor to work with “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support, specifically within the mobile clinic project of the health center in the city of “Al-Bab”, which serves most of the villages and countryside of the city in terms of medical, and in terms of societal and psychological health.

Within the story of Adel and humanitarian work, Adel says: “I have contributed to the humanitarian work from the side of psychosocial support with those in charge of medical and psychological projects to deliver our humanitarian message to the largest possible number of beneficiaries, and to be a partner in improving people’s life conditions, advancing and advancing society in all fields, treating and discussing Individual cases suffered by members of society as a result of stress and psychosocial crises”.

He ends his speech by saying: “Finally, I send my greeting to those in charge of the work of Al-Ameen, including supporters and administrators, for give me the opportunity to work with them, improve my skills and experiences, and deliver services to the largest possible number of beneficiaries”.



Susyan Health Center

Susyan Health Center 

Al-Ameen for humanitarian support always aims to reach the most affected vulnerable groups, especially those in need of primary health care services, as it works to provide it to the beneficiaries in the northern and eastern countryside of Aleppo.

“Susyan Health Center” is located in Susyan district in the north of “Al-Bab” city, it is considered one of the vital centers that meet the needs of the beneficiaries there.

The number of beneficiaries from the services of the center reaches more than 3000 beneficiaries every month, and it provides 4700 medical services per month, and this center is intended for more than 11 villages and towns surrounding Susyan district such as “Hazwan” and “Al-Dana”, and other villages with a total population of about 50 thousand people.

The center provides first aid services and general clinics, in addition to the women’s clinic service, and the referral service that benefits patients who are referred to fully qualified medical centers.




The psychosocial support team of AlAmeen in Susyan village – AlBab

The psychosocial support team of AlAmeen in Susyan village – AlBab city Aleppo Syria

Conducted 3 entertainment group sessions and individual session targeted 17 children 

Sessions have consisted of morning sport activities having health and psychological benefits in order to get them as much as possible out of routine and reveal their skills to be developed and grew them up.

Sport is not the only goal we targeted, as well as to be together, team’s spirit renovating, throughout participating in group exercises and knowing the importance of the group, union and increasing the ability to focus




building trust and self-esteem

The psychosocial support team in Al-Bab city has conducted several group sessions on the importance of building and enhancing trust and self-esteem for children at an early age, with the participation of 18 men and women. The sessions discussed various topics starting with the fact that it’s the parents responsibility to enhance the child’s self-esteem and to enable him from facing all kinds of challenges that he might encounter during his life. Moreover, the team provided many advice to the attendees on how to deal with their children, such as hearing them out and not interrupting them, answering all the child questions which enhance the feeling of being cared for.